August 2013 – New Identity

Notice something different? Shale operations within ABARTA Oil & Gas are now ABARTA ENERGY. As part of a new brand identity, ABARTA ENERGY’s logo features a nod to shale formations that we intend to pursue in the Appalachian basin.

Why the switch? “As many new players have entered the basin, they’ve brought with them a certain energy and dynamic, shifting the landscape of our business,” said Jim Taylor. “As we adapt to these changes, we thought it was a good time to examine the face we show the world, updating our logo and website.”

The original ABARTA Oil & Gas logo has served us well since 1995, and will continue to represent field operations in West Virginia and Kentucky where it is recognizable as a thriving and solid company.

The new logo was designed by Katie Hanlon, Administrative Assistant in the West Virginia Field Office with extensive collaboration from Geologist Kathy Flaherty, President and CEO Jim Taylor, and Executive Assistant Debbie Rubel.

 According to Taylor, the change is truly in name only. “We’re still the same solid company with the same values and mission,” he said.

Walter Matuszak