FAQ - Royalty Checks

Checks are prepared and mailed at the end of the month. Royalties are distributed when an account reaches $100.00.  In the case of accounts that do not reach $100.00, checks are issued by November 30th.

Because checks over 120 days old are not honored for payment, it is important that you cash your check in a timely manner. Outstanding checks are voided, and there is a $25.00 charge to reissue. After a period of time, these funds must be remitted to the state unclaimed property agency. Time periods differ from state to state. Please notify us immediately of any change in your address or property ownership status. Contact us with questions at:

Accounting Department
200 Alpha Drive
Pittsburgh, PA  15238
E-mail:    info@abartaenergy.com
Phone:    (412) 963-6443
Fax:        (412) 963-6498

Please be prepared to provide sufficient information so that our employees may verify ownership. You should have your owner number and well number - all of which will appear on the check detail on the top portion of your check.  You may also be asked to verify your address and the last four digits of your Social Security number or Federal Tax ID number.