Our Corporate Family



ABARTA, Inc. began in 1933 and has grown to become a diversified, privately-held organization that employs over 1,750 associates.  ABARTA is the 10th largest Coca-Cola distributor in North America, with franchises encompassing most of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, along with Cleveland, OH and other parts of Ohio and West Virginia.   ABARTA owned daily newspapers for many years, until divesting its last newspaper in 2013.  ABARTA also owned an ethnic frozen food company, named Kahiki, which is based in Columbus, OH, but it was sold in 2018.

Energy is the final leg of the company stool and operates under the dual names of ABARTA Oil & Gas Co., LLC and ABARTA Energy.  ABARTA Oil & Gas is focused on the bedrock of our energy division, our shallower, conventional operations based primarily in Kentucky and West Virginia.  ABARTA Energy was created more recently to focus on our unconventional shale opportunities. 

Today, ABARTA, Inc. is an 84-year old family business led by the third generation of ownership, with a proven record of accomplishment and partnership across a number of industrial segments. We are extremely proud of our reputation for excellence, integrity and long-term stability and growth.