Junior Jenkins

Junior Jenkins, Geologist, has been with ABARTA Energy since 2003. His responsibilities include designing, planning and geo-steering of ABARTA’s horizontal wells in Eastern Kentucky. He is also responsible for the identification and presentation of exploration prospects as well as geological guidance for operational and field development of producing properties, primarily in the Appalachian basin.

Junior’s oil and gas experience began in 1981 when he joined Ashland Exploration, Inc. and worked in the Appalachian and Illinois basins until the sale of the company in 1997. He later held Senior Geologist positions with Statoil and Columbia Natural Resources before joining ABARTA Energy. Junior has been involved in shale plays since the beginning of his career in the Appalachian, Illinois and eastern Canadian basins.

Junior is a graduate of West Virginia University with a Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees in geology. His thesis was related to the petrology and thermal maturation of the Huron Shale in eastern Kentucky.